What You Can Buy

Whether you are getting your colleagues together to buy a whole room, or you would like to help us with the finishing touches by purchasing a bucket of paint - you dollar is quadrupled. Any investor will tell you this is a smart way to make your dollar go farther.

Make a meaningful investment. Get a tax deduction.

Watch as we take your investment from concept to reality.


naming rights to the building

What do I get with Naming Rights?

  • Your company's name will be recognized on-site at the building with a personalized plaque, on our website and all social media outlets
  • Fulfillment of your company's Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Input on the final design including paint colors, decor and more
  • Opportunity to visit the building when construction completes
  • Receive a tax-deductible receipt eligible for 2017 deductions


Can't afford to purchase a room? Don't worry, we have many more options.

Scroll down to see the other purchaseable items starting at $15.

FURNITURE: $2,102         

Foundation, Walls & Roofing: $4,324

LAND:   $3,405

LABOR:   $2,024

plumbing:  $2,649

electrical:  $1,605

Paint, Windows & Doors:  $3,891