Why we are here

Conscious Collaborative works in Aboadze and Abuesi, coastal fishing communities located in the Western Region of Ghana. In these communities, there are high rates of illiteracy among adults due to the fishing lifestyle and culture which did no value formal education. Most of the people in these communities engage in fishing and fishmongering for survival. Over time, these communities have experienced significant amounts of pollution to their water bodies as well as climatic changes which have affected the aquatic lives they depend on for survival. These hardships are evident in the communities with many men migrating to urban cities or other countries in search of work, leaving behind their wives and children.

Today, the women are working towards a way out. They believe that with sustainable businesses, they will be able to better support their families and provide their children with educational opportunities to be innovative leaders for community solutions.

Together, we are working towards sustainable solutions for fishing communities.


Our Mission

Conscious Collaborative's mission is to improve the quality of life in vulnerable fishing communities in Ghana through educational opportunities for students and economic self-sufficiency for women.

We envision a future where marginalized women in fishing communities are empowered to be financially independent and today's children become the innovative leaders of tomorrow, creating sustainable solutions to the most pressing issues facing their communities.

When you invest in girls and women, you invest in everyone.
— Melinda Gates



What We've Achieved together

  • 30 students enrolled in school have access to a quality education 
  • 100% retention rate for students
  • Scholarship program that has doubled in size over the last 4 years
  • School break program has allowed over 45 children to engage in fun, leadership building activities
  • 24 women and their dependents have benefited from entrepreneurship training
  • 2 new women-owned businesses have been created
  • A micro-savings program has been developed for women to directly save their profits towards their children's education