Conscious Collaborative has three main programs that are designed to achieve the mission of improving the quality of life in vulnerable fishing communities in Ghana.

Education program

Conscious Collaborative Education program provides scholarships, school expenses, books and uniforms for students in school or who would like to be in school from the fishing villages. Students qualify for the program based upon financial need and the willingness of the family to take over responsibility for their children's education in the future. 

Student's are monitored for their attendance and scores to ensure they are not only enrolled but achieving in their education. This involves regular visits both in the home and at school to create a strong support system for the student's success.

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Women's livelihoods & entrepenuership

Conscious Collaborative’s Women’s Livelihoods Program focuses on ensuring women from vulnerable households in fishing communities are able to increase their capacity to provide for their children. Women who are primarily from the fishing communities, Abuesi and Aboadze which are located in the Western Region of Ghana, that operate their own small business and have a marginal status in the community, especially female-headed households and widows, are eligible for the program.

Women must be engaged in an income generating activity and prove efforts to provide for their children’s education in order to be considered. Current women in the program are engaged in fishmongering and selling provisions as livelihoods. Women are engaged with on a bi-weekly basis by the Program Manager to discuss profits and loss in their business and general struggles they are facing in supporting their families. All women in the program currently have students in the Education Program and have agreed to join a savings program to transition to paying their children’s school fees.


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    About the Women's Livelihoods Program:


    • Entrepreneurship Workshops
    • Micro-savings Program 
    • Seed Funding
    • Bi-weekly House Visits
    • Business Plan Development
    • Supply-chain Connections and Networking
    • Fish Storage System (in development)

    Anansi International

    Anansi International is a program under Conscious Collaborative that will eventually become a social enterprise, creating digital jobs for young adults from disadvantaged communities. Anansi International was created by Sue Shalley, CEO of Field Services Unlimited, and Conscious Collaborative founder, Lindsey Bacon.

    The program's missions is to 1) create digital jobs for young adults through technology training and 2) provide sustainable income generation for Conscious Collaborative. In 2017, Conscious Collaborative staff was trained in architectural AutoCAD, Computer Aided Design software. This software is used to design blueprints as well as assist in planning for designers from all industries. Jobs - not charity - is the vision behind Anansi International and Conscious Collaborative is ensuring this program is able to reach as many young people from the fishing villages in Ghana as possible.

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